Account Manager Help

1. Getting Started.

To access the account manager, you need to make sure you: #1 have an account on the website; #2 that you are logged into the website. Any browser will work fine but if you get an error like this "Error, please logon or register at before you continue.", it usually means one of two things: #1 your not logged in; #2 you are logged into the website using "" not "". If it continues to give you problems, clear your browser cache and try again. The link once logged in is "" or you can click on one of buttons on the site to get in.

2. Signing up in the Account Manager.

You will need two things to signed up: Your STEAM ID and your Link Password. Your STEAM ID can be located in 2 places: #1 While in game and connected to a game server, open up your console (usually ~) and type in status. You will see your name in the player list and your STEAM ID (STEAM_0:0:1234567) will be marked beside it.#2 From the website, click on the Psychostats link at the top, search for your name, your STEAM ID (STEAM_0:0:1234567) will be listed on your stats page. The Link Password is the second part you will need in your registration process. What the Link Password is its a random generated password based off you so that way we can prevent other people from registering your STEAM ID. How to get your Link Password is by joining the server; join a team; once your alive for the first time you will see it show up in 3 places: Center Screen, Chat, Console. Just make note of it so it can be used during your registration process.

Here we see the initial view of the account manager:

Here it is again after entering the info required:

This is the initial page after you've signed up without a paypal email address:

Here is what the Account Manager looks like if you do decide to add a paypal email address:

3. Overview of the Account Manager tabs.

-Donate! -> Where you can use some of our preset donation buttons to buy/get credits. You have the choice of One Time or Subscribing to a Monthly Donation. We also have a Custom Donation button for those wanting to do an amount not listed on the page. 10 credits = 1 dollar. Funs are in Canadian dollars.
-Account Information -> This tab shows the status of your account. Showing your info, amount of credits in your account, hour claim button to get credits back for the amount of hours you play in the server, quick link to your Psychostats page. Once you have a status activated it will also show you: Your current activated rank, the status of your rank if its active or not, will show you when you did your last rank upgrade, will show you how many days left on your rank if its a payed rank and it will show you a quick summary of the ranks open to you.
-Account Level -> This is the area where you will spend the most of your time. Here is where you control your statuses and take the tests for the ranks. You will see a list of ranks; the activate/extend buttons for the ranks open to you; if the rank/level is allowed to you from an administrative stand point; the amount of credits required for that level (10cr = 1$); the amount of online hours required for that level (based off the Psychostats); the amount of admin hours required to get a level (they only start going up once you actually activate a level and will cap off if you hit the target to obtain the next level); if you have taken the exam for that level or not; the mark for the test of that level and if you've passed/failed/not taken it yet; the date of when the exam was taken; exam guide and test links.
-Donation History -> Just a page to show you the history of your donations.
-Credit Ledger -> Here you will see the history of what has been happening with your credits. It will show you when some were removed/added or if a manual adjustment was done by me.

4. Getting Started With Activating a Status.

First, you will need to go to the Account Level tab. Then, you will need to check if you meet the requirements for the level you want. Lets start off with Regular status. You need 50 hours of playing time and a 70% pass mark on the test. Regular level is also free. Here is a picture showing that the test has been done and passed but I don't have enough online hours to activate Regular status:

All right, so I've played for 50 hours and now I got 53 online hours. You will now see the Activate button show up as long as the status is allowed to you as shown here:

Once you've clicked on it, the button will then change to Extend (I'll explain more on this later) but since Regular status is free you won't have to worry about this button.

Here is what the Account Information tab looks like after activating the Regular status (notice how it shows the status of your rank and how many days are left until you need to renew but since Regular status is free it shows 0):

You now have successfully activated the Regular status. It should take effect the next time you log in or it may only become active on map change.

5. Activating Higher/Payed Ranks.

At this point you've been a regular for a while and say you want to move up to Heart Breaker (witch is payed level). Here is a view of the Account Level tab after the test has been done for Heart Breaker but still missing the other requirements:

As you can see here I am still missing 47 Online hours and 25 Admin hours. For the online hours you just simply need to play until your Pyschostats show you have 100 + hours. For the admin hours, they will start going up because you have Regular status activated. The admin hours are basically your experience points/time. Once you've obtained the targets and passed the test you will see this:

Now you'll see another activate button. We're going to click and its going to change to extend like last time:

After clicking the activate button, this now activated the Heart Breaker level for 30 days and subtracted 25 credits from my account. Once the 30 days are up, your status will disappear. To renew it all you need to do is come back here and click on the extend button. The extend button will renew your status for 30 days and also take the required amount of credits for the level your extending.

Here is a quick shot of the Account Information tab. Note that it shows I have 30 days left on my status and its active. Always check here time to time to see what is going on with your account. Also shows I now have 25 credits opposed to the 50 I started with:

This is what the Credit Ledger looks like after me activating the Heart Breaker level for 30 days:

This is the same process for the admin levels as well. If you have any questions please go here on the forum and post your question/problem